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Care Inc is an Informatics company with a team of dedicated professionals who understand and provide mobile, pen-based electronic data collection and process automation solutions to a wide variety of industries including Healthcare, Field Service, Field Inspection, Government Solutions and more. Care Inc is committed in transforming businesses through the innovative use of technology.We are lead by an Advisory Board that has luminaries from across the healthcare industry, Insurance, Government and Technology companies.




Care Inc End to End App Development

Care-Forms Technology is based on unique 4 patents issued on digital ink and mobile data collection technology through Advanced Digital Systems Inc.Care-Forms provides the most natural user interface, powerful and flexible solution configuration, and open standards for integration to any existing system, allowing our solutions to deliver significant Return on Investment and the opportunity to generate additional revenue with existing resources.


Especially in Healthcare there has never been a more exciting time ,technology is allowing for extraordinary advances in health informatics. The government has recognized and acted upon the cry for change in healthcare throughout the world and the need for a solid foundation in standards, technology, and quality outcomes. To that end, Care Inc in healthcare will continue ahead – to set the pace with innovation, partnerships, and strategy. We will deliver the highest quality systems and services so that our clients can maximize the extraordinary opportunities ahead. And we work consistently to grow our product lines and expand our educational resources.


Care- Forms optimizes field and mobile data collection by eliminating the need for field personnel to manually re-type data collected on paper documents into various database systems, a process that can cost them significant time and result in errors. This eliminates keying errors, reduces cost and improves workflow enabling field teams to be more efficient and productive, while avoiding burnout.

Care Inc Solution Care-Forms are available for Tablet PC, Ipad ,Android, Pocket PC and Digital Pen devices.


Care Inc Solutio Development

To be the one stop solution company in software industry that best understands customer needs & business goals and help to achieve them with simple yet best solutions – globally.

At Care Inc, our mission is to be the partner of choice for our customers by helping them achieving their business goals with simple & effective solutions through state-of-the-art technology, innovation and reliability.
Care Inc Core Values
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