CarE-Forms is a mobile data capture solution, ​providing digital writing software to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire process of capturing and using data.

Care Inc ’s end-to-end enterprise CarE-Forms Software System enables flexible form design, handwriting verification and communication of forms based and free-form pen-on-paper data for enterprise users.

CarE-Forms supports enterprise data capture using Tablet PCs, Ipad, Android, Digital Pens, Pocket PCs and signature capture devices and more. User-friendly, paper-like e-forms optimized for touch screen input or handwriting recognition, and intelligent logic, minimize user training while reducing errors and eliminating manual re-keying. Online and offline data collection is possible for healthcare e-forms, field inspection e-forms, government inspection e-forms and other applications.


Integrate e-Forms data with your EMR and HIS systems to eliminate paper, reduce costs, and see more patients.

  • Hospitals
  • Clinical Trials
  • Home Health

Field Operations

Connect your database and the field with a seamless and easy-to-use paper-like user interface.

  • Field Service
  • Mining & Energy
  • Utilities & Telecomm
  • Manufacturing


Easy to use e-Forms your staff will use. Secure forms, rich data capture, mobile-friendly forms - use online and offline.

  • Fire & EMS
  • Gov Boards and Agencies
  • State & Local
  • Military

Financial Services

Give banking and investment employees the power to securely verify and integrate data as it’s collected.

  • Banking
  • Enrollment
  • Investment Services
  • Insurance


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