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- The promise of paper-free healthcare solutions is here today with CarE-Forms -

Introducing CarE-Forms running on MCA (mobile clinical assistant) in customisable modules.

CarE-Forms is a middleware forms automation solution which integrates clinicians to access patient care records at the point of care and document a patient’s condition in real time. This can enable nurses in reducing errors, enhancing workflow, delivering faster and safer care.

CarE-Forms also increases productivity of staff and ensures error free system for hospitals to deliver care to right patient at right time with right drug, dosage, along with right root of administration and promises of paper-free healthcare.


Recognizing that healthcare errors affect one in every 10 Patient around the world according to WHO.

In Singapore there is one critical mishap reported every week from 9 general hospitals, since reporting was made compulsory in 2002 .In India where no reporting mechanism is in place, the critical healthcare errors can only be magnified to multiple folds with growing 14000 hospitals today. The errors due to Staff and System constitute to 95% of Health care errors.

Care Inc’s CarE-Fomrs is a cost-effective technological solution to eliminate the errors due to traditional paper technique systems practiced by staff to enhance patient care & safety through CarE-Forms on Mobile Clinical Assistants.
The CarE-Forms System is a comprehensive mobile data capture platform that turns tedious and redundant paper workflows into fast, secure and easy-to-use electronic data. The CarE-Forms solution offers an intuitive paper-like user interface that eliminates the need for manual re-entry, improving accuracy and giving physicians and nurses more time to spend with patients.

  • Pre-populate forms with data from standard interfaces like HL7 or standard databases like SQL Server or Oracle
  • Integrate with your EMR and HIS systems
  • Eliminate paper
  • Reduce cost
  • Impress patients
  • Retain staff
  • Measure and improve quality of care
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